L  E  N  S  E  R


The ultimate quick look tool for DoPs, Camera & Steady Cam Operators, Focus Pullers, ACs, Remote Head Technicians, VFX Specialists, Post Production Crew, Drone & ScubaCam Operators.
For iPhone and iPad.

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Working as a Camera Assistant I get lots of questions about lenses. One day on set the DP comes to me and tells me that we'll have a drone shoot next week. He wants Cooke on the flying Alexa Mini but according to the drone guys the lens cannot be heavier than 2 kilos. He needs a list of options e-mailed to him ASAP. Took me a while to dig up all the data.
This gave me the idea of LENSER.


Developers are not affiliated with any of the manufacturers listed above.
*not all data available for all lenses


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Screenshots iOS
LENSER Screenshot - Main Page
Main Page
LENSER Screenshot - The Quick Look
The Quick Look Page with Instant Hit Counter
LENSER Screenshot - Search Results
Search results with search parameters shown
LENSER Screenshot - Drilldown - Lens
Drill down to individual lenses
LENSER Screenshot - Sensors/Formats
LENSER Screenshot - Compare or Add to Test Board
Swipe to Compare / Add to Test Board or Add to Favorites
LENSER Screenshot - Compare
Unlimited Compare
LENSER Screenshot - Copy
Copy to Share

LENSER Test Board

on iPhone 8...
LENSER Screenshot - Lenser Test Board Portrait Mode
Lenser Test Board - Portrait Mode
LENSER Screenshot - Lenser Test Board Landscape Mode
Lenser Test Board - Landscape Mode
...and on iPad
LENSER Screenshot - Lenser Test Board Landscape Mode iPad
Lenser Test Board - Landscape Mode on iPad

We determined the exact size of the smartphone ideal for LENSER.

LENSER long phone

Tap the image to download in .svg format

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