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The ultimate quick look tool for DoPs, Camera & Steady Cam Operators, Focus Pullers, ACs, Remote Head Technicians, VFX Specialists, Post Production Crew, Drone & ScubaCam Operators.
Focusing on, but not limited to PL and PV mount lenses.

ARRI, ARRI/Fujinon, ARRI/Zeiss, Angenieux, Arriflex/Zeiss, Atlas Lens Co., Bausch & Lomb, Bokkeh Optics, Canon, Cooke, Dog Schidt Optics, Duclos, Focus Optics, Fujinon, Hanse Inno Tech, Hawk, IB/E Optics, Isco-Optic, Kinoptik, Kowa, Leica, Luma Tech/Lomo, Optica-Elite, P+S Technik, Panavision, RED, Ross London, Samyang/Rokinon, Schneider-Kreuznach, Servicevision, Sigma, Sony, Tokina, True Lens Services, Oppenheimer, Van Diemen Optics, Vantage, Veydra, Zeiss, ZeroOptik, uniQoptics

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Some data can only be found in Lenser exclusively as a result of research done by the developers of this app.
Specifications include*
*not all data available for all lenses
When using the app tap i in the lower right corner of the start page to see a reminder.

Quick Look

To search for a particular set of lenses tap the 'Quick Look' icon on the start page
On the look-up page you can pick a Brand, a Type, a Keyword and Focal Length plus one of the Parameters.

Example: to find Cooke prime lenses with a Focal Length of 18mm weighing less than 2kg:

  • quick pick 'Cooke' for Brand
  • quick pick 'prime' for Type
  • type '18' for Focal Length
  • select 'less than' for Weight
  • type '2' for 'kg' (or use the Quick Picker to switch to lbs)
  • tap 'Go Look!'
To limit the number of searches with zero results we only allow Brand, a Type, a Keyword and Focal Length plus one additional parameter to be specified for searches at this time.

Tap the button in the upper right corner to clear all search fields.

Copy & Paste

Tap 'Copy' to copy data of an individual lens, lens set, search result or a compared pair.

Paste into your favorite messaging app to share.


You can compare two lenses with a few swipes and taps.
  • swipe left on a listed lens to reveal the 'Compare' button and tap on it
  • tap OK for the pop-up
  • find the other lens to be compared
  • swipe left to reveal the 'Compare' button and tap on it
  • a pop-up will display the picked lenses
  • tap 'Show' to view the compared lenses
  • or
  • tap 'Not yet' to re-pick
The next pick goes to the bottom of the list, the top item gets disposed.

in principal photography
Version 2.1 on iOS on Aug-19-2017
(update coming soon to Android also)

1. Database updated (we appreciate the feedback on Cooke lens data)
2. Minor tweaks

Version 2.0 on iOS, 1.4 on Android on May-11-2017
NAB Update (cont’d):
1. Tokina Cinema ATX 25mm lens added
2. ARRI/Zeiss CP.3 set added
3. ARRI/Zeiss CP.3 XD set added
4. Sigma FF:
- 14mm & 135mm lenses added
- set specs updated
5. Atlas Lens Co. manufacturer and Orion Series set added
6. Celere 18.5mm lens added

User requested feature added
Complying with a user request small icons are now added to lens sets to quickly identify Anamorphic [ANA] and Vintage [VNTG] lens sets.

Version 1.9 on April-24-2017
Easter Package:
1. Leica Thalia set added
2. SLR Magic Anamorphot set added

NAB Announcements:
1. Angenieux Optimo Style 48-130 T3.0 lens added
2. Cooke S7/i set added
3. Cooke 45-450 specs updated

Version 1.8 on March-30-2017
1. Arri CamTec Vintage Ultra Prime set added
2. Canon FD P+S set added
3. Cooke Speed Panchro P+S set updated
4. Lomo Standard Speeds PL set added
5. Leica-R P+S: sets added
6. Schneider Cinegon P+S Rehoused set added
7. Schneider Cine-Xenar P+S Rehoused set added
8. Speed Panchro P+S Rehoused updated

Version 1.7 on Feb-22-2017

- Manufacturer added (we apologize for the oversight)
- Oppcam-Zeiss Macro set added
- Oppcam-Nikkor 8mm lens added

Canon K-35 TLS updated:
- 18mm Slow added
- some lens data updated

Canon K-35 P+S set added

True Lens Services:
- Petzval Prime set added
- Titan Zooms set Morpheus 80-200 added
- Titan Zooms set Aurora 24-70 added

- P+S Cine Prominar set added

- Anamorphic/i SF set added

Version 1.5 on Dec-15-2016
1. Database updated with Canon CN-E Cinema Zoom set.
2. Housekeeping.

Version 1.4 on Nov-17-2016
1. Lens data updated:
- Panavision T Series
- Panavision Primo 70

2. Lenses and lens sets added:
- Canon 50-1000mm lens
- ARRI Prime 65 S set
Version 1.3 on 11-7-16
With update 1.3 Lenser reached the '1000 Lenses' milestone!
1. Database updated with Bokkeh Optics lenses.
2. Minor tweaks.
Version 1.2.1 on 10-19-16
1. Squashed a resilient bug that crawled out from under the wheel of a dolly.
2. Minor database fixes.
Version 1.2 on 10-10-16
1. Database updated with:
  • Hawk V-Lite 1.3x Vintage '74 set
  • Panavision T Series set
  • Hawk 65 set
  • ARRI Prime 65, Zoom 65 & Vintage 765 sets
  • Samyang/Rokinon XEEN 16mm lens
  • Cooke Mini S4 - now with interchangeable mount
  • Several new Depth-of-Field tables

2. Now you can search for Focal Length while also searching for T-Stop, Close Focus, Weight, Length, AOV, Squeeze at the same time.
Eg.: Cooke primes with a Focal Length of 18mm weighing less than 2kg.

3. Search for '65+' lenses faster with the updated Type Quick Picker.

4. Exterminated a bug that caused invalid search results to appear in rare cases.

Version 1.1 on 09-21-16
1. Database updated with new lenses and accessories.
2. Fixed a minor issue where entering a smiley for keyword crashed the app. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Version 1.0.6 on 09-14-16
1. Database updated with the following lens sets:
  • Angenieux - Type EZ Series
  • ARRI - Shift & Tilt Bellows System
  • Cooke - Classic Panchro
  • Sigma - Cine Lens
2. Search for 'full frame' lenses faster with the updated Type Quick Picker.
Lenser Screenshot - Home
Start page (tap 'Quick Look' to search)
Lenser Screenshot - Lens Set
Inspecting a lens set
Lenser Screenshot - Individual Lens
Drill down to an individual lens
Lenser Screenshot - Quick Look
'The Quick Look' - Setting up a Focal Length / Weight (in lbs) search
Lenser Screenshot - Search Results
Results of a search for anamorphic zooms weighing less than 3.5kg
Lenser Screenshot - Swipe to Compare
Swipe on a listed lens to compare
Lenser Screenshot - Compare
Ready to compare? Or want to re-pick?
Lenser Screenshot - Copied to Clipboard
Copy operation confirmed

Lenser Android - Home
Start page (tap 'Quick Look' to search)
Lenser Android - Quick Look
Search page
Lenser Android - Quick Pick Type
Quick pick Type on search page
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Information provided by manufacturers is subject to change without notice.
Some data is unavailable from manufacturers. This might affect search results.
All data are collected from publicly available / legally obtained sources.

Before committing to buy or rent it is strongly recommended to refer to the manufacturers' specifications. The links to such data in LENSER is provided for convenience only. They cannot replace a thorough investigation.

This app does not generate mobile data traffic. Online datasheets are downloaded on your explicit request only and data transfer is handled by the default browser of your device. Internet traffic is routed via lenserapp.com for statistical purposes (statcounter.com). Compressed files containing manufacturers specifications are hosted in an uncompressed format on a third party server (dropbox.com) for accessibility.
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